Understanding Your Bill

Groton Utilities sends each customer a monthly bill for utility services. This website is aimed at helping you to understand the information it contains. For personal assistance, please feel free to call one of our Customer Service Representatives at 860-446-4000.

Groton Utilities Bill 2023
  1. Payment Stub
    The top portion of you bill is perforated so you can tear it off and return it to us with your payment.  
  2. Past Due Date
    Your monthly bill is due upon receipt and becomes past due after 15 days. If you are having trouble paying your bill, please contact Customer Service at 860-446-4000.
  3. Usage
    Middle section shows your utilities usage for the month, based on readings.  Your average daily usage for each utility service is also included.
  4. Payments / Past Due Charges
    Any payments and / or past due balances will appear in this section of the bill.
  5. Current Charges
    Any current charges will appear in this section.
  6. History
    Graphs at the lower left display your usage history for the past 12 months, so you can see how much electricity and/or water you have used in the past.
  7. Budget Plan
    If you are on our Budget Billing Plan, a detailed account of your personal plan is in a box at the left center portion of the bill.

Back of Your Bill

The back of your bill includes general information aimed at helping you to better understand specific items. Following are explanations of various items which may appear on your bill.

Late Charges

Bills are due upon receipt and past due 15 days after billing.  Past due bills are subject to 1.25% late charge.

Readiness to serve (water)/Basic service charge (electric)/Sewer basic charge

This charge covers the costs of providing your service, including meter reading, billing and maintenance of service lines, and meters on your premises. The basic service charges will be billed to you whether or not you have consumption.


This abbreviation stands for kilowatt-hour, the standard measure of electricity. A kilowatt-hour equals 1,000 watt-hours of electricity use. One KWH of electricity will light a 100-watt bulb for 10 hours.

Transmission Cost Adjustment

An adjustment will be applied to every KWh sold to reflect any difference between the base transmission costs included in rates and the actual transmission costs charged.

T & D Charge

This charge covers the cost for transmission and distribution cost. (Solar / Net Metering Rate only)

Purchased Power Adjustment

This charge reflects differences in the monthly wholesale cost of our purchased power. It includes fixed, variable, and fuel costs.


This abbreviation stands for a cubic foot, the standard measure of water quantity.

Sewer Usage Charge

This charge is based on the number of Cubic Feet (CF) recorded on the water meter during the billing month.

Sales Tax

Commercial class customers are required by the State of Connecticut to pay sales tax on the electric portion of their bill over $150.00.

Meter Readings

All services are read and billed monthly. When we cannot obtain an actual reading, we base your bill on an estimate of your usage.