Watershed Inspection

Watershed Inspection & Drinking Water Quality

The Watershed Inspection is a review of the individual properties that are located within the watershed boundaries. A watershed is defined, by topography, as the area of land that drains to one body of water. The rain and snow that falls on watershed land in Ledyard and Groton become the water that feeds local streams, brooks, and reservoirs. From the reservoirs, water is treated at Groton Utilities Water Treatment Plant and then distributed to customers as drinking water.

Connecticut Public Health Code requires water supply companies to conduct Watershed Inspections annually as a way to protect water quality and prevent pollution of drinking water at its source.

How Watershed Inspection Works

At the start of the yearly inspections, Groton Utilities sends a letter to known property owners in the watershed. This letter provides residents with the timeframe of the inspections. Groton Utilities Watershed Staff then visit properties in the watershed. The brief inspections focus on the exterior of the property - Watershed Staff do not enter homes. Residents are welcome to be present for the inspection. The inspection focuses on aspects that have the potential for pollution including the function of septic systems, onsite tanks and wells, use of fertilizer and pesticides, and waste disposal among other things.

For businesses and sites with other uses Watershed Staff have a brief questionnaire that addresses hazardous materials, tanks, manure management, emergency spill plans, and other items.

If There Is a Problem

If a problem is discovered in the course of the inspection, the property owner will be notified in writing with recommendations and given reasonable time to correct the issues.

Watershed Staff utilize a Groton Utilities vehicle, carry identification, and will be in uniform. If you have any questions please contact Groton Utilities Water Division by phone at 860-446-4022.

Watershed Inspections begin in July and continue throughout the summer.

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