Cross Connection Inspection

Regulations of the State of Connecticut, Department of Health Services, requires all water suppliers, including the City of Groton, Department of Utilities, to inspect all facilities that are connected to the City's water supply. These inspections are set forth in the Public Health Codes of the State of Connecticut, specifically Sections 19-13-B37 to 19-13-B39, inclusive. These sections are more commonly known as the Cross Connection Regulations.

Plumbing that connects a potable water supply with a non-potable supply, called a cross connection, is a major concern to water supply and health officials in protecting the safety of drinking water. Cross-connection control and back-flow prevention are necessary to ensure that no contaminants enter our water system from a customer's system. If a hazard is detected, the Groton Utilities inspector will recommend the installation of appropriate equipment, depending on the degree of the potential hazard.

As part of this responsibility, we conduct an ongoing Water Quality Protection Program that includes annual plumbing inspections of all business customers. During these inspections, trained and certified Groton Utilities personnel test and inspect equipment in order to detect potential risks to our water quality caused by back-flow or cross-connection hazards. Because plumbing systems are continually being installed, altered, or extended, continuous inspections and re-inspections are required to insure against the danger of cross connection.

These services will be performed by State of Connecticut Certified, Groton Utilities personnel, with the following fees:

Cross Connection Inspection 

  • $35 per hour

Back-flow Device Inspection 

  • $40 for the 1st device
  • $30 per unit for each additional device at the same location
  • No charge for 1st retest
  • Additional retest: $15 per device

In order to meet these requirements, we request that you call our Meter Service Department at 860-446-4077 to schedule Cross Connection Inspection / Back-flow Device Testing.