Public Power Week, October 5-11, 2014, An American Tradition That Works

Groton Utilities is a municipally owned and operated utility providing Electric and Water services to thousands of consumers in Southeastern Connecticut.

Conservation Tips

Repair leaky faucets promptly; a leaky faucet wastes gallons of water in a short period.

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As a leader in Southeastern Connecticut, we provide essential electric, water and other services at prices which reflect exceptional customer value and quality. We enhance and support the vitality and livability of the communities we serve.

Upcoming Events

The next Holiday Closing will be Monday, October 13, 2014 for Columbus Day

Utility News

Shut-Off Notice Alert
 Public Power - It's Working for You!
Use Water Wisely
Groton Utilities Jacqueline B. Nixon Community Service Award Presented to Lian Obrey
Current Purchased Power Adjustment & Transmission Cost Adjustment Rates
 Proud Salutes for the Veterans of Southeastern Connecticut

Current Warnings

CUSTOMER WARNING - A phone scam attempting to defraud Groton Utilities Customers
Groton Utilities Customers have reported phone scams claiming to be from a utility company, employing a variety of techniques to defraud customers for payments. The 'company' has threatened customers with disconnecting electric service to their home or business if they do not make a payment immediately. THIS IS NOT FROM GROTON UTILITIES. The scammer's caller-ID may appear to originate from the utility company, the most recent Caller ID is 1-888-214-9147 as well as 866-978-6981 ext 1217.

Any questions or concerns please call the Customer Service Office at 860-446-4000.

For more information on how to identify these scams, please visit The Courant's article here.


Please be aware that Groton Utilities billing address has changed.

PO BOX 4109
WOBURN MA 01888-4109

If you have automatic bill pay through your Financial Institution or Another Automatic Bill Pay Service, you need to change the billing address to: PO BOX 4109 WOBURN MA 01888-4109. Payments being sent to the Hartford, CT address will continue to be processed until February 1, 2014.